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Quantitative Finance is an applied science, an engineering discipline, dealing with the application of mathematics and computer science to develop or exploit financial opportunities for return enhancement and risk control. The field is also known as financial mathematics, financial engineering and computational finance, depending upon the problems or techniques emphasized.


Applied Mathematics & Statistics (AMS) at Stony Brook University focuses on the development of practitioners and researchers who are able to apply rigorous mathematics in the solution of difficult and relevant problems. The Program in Qunatitative Finance is built on the Department's strong foundation in Computational Mathematics, Operations Research and Applied Statisitics and on the larger University's capabilities in Computer Science, Economics and Business.


The Program is not an add-on or special vehicle. Students are enrolled in and receive degrees in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. In contrast to programs which have been implemented as tighlty organized professional training, ours is designed along traditional academic lines. Students have flexibility in the advanced courses they take, and those who complete the Masters degree or Advanced Graduate Certificate have the option of applying to the Ph.D. program.


IMPORTANT: The program is currently under development and interested parties must carefully read the FAQs below before proceeding. As of the Fall 2007 semester the Program in Quantitative Finance has been implemented as a series of electives within the existing Operations Research track. We have decided to continue development by creating a new, separate Quantitative Finance track within the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics.


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