Vita:  James Glimm


Distinguished Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics

SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3600

Tel:  (631) 632-8355; Fax: (631) 632-8490



Professional Preparation


            Columbia University, Engineering, BA, 1956

            Columbia University, Mathematics, Ph.D., 1956-1959




1999-                             Staff Member, Computational Science Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory

1989-                             Distinguished Professor, SUNY at Stony Brook

1982-89                     Professor, Courant Institute, New York University

1974-82                     Professor, The Rockefeller University

1968-74                     Professor, Courant Institute, New York University

1960-68                     Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, MIT

1959-60                     Temporary Member, Institute for Advanced Study


Prizes, Honors, and Fellowships:  Fellow, SIAM (2009), National Medal of Science (2002),

Steele Prize for a paper of fundamental importance, AMS (1993); Member, National Academy of Sciences; Member, American Academy of Arts and Science;

Dannie Heineman prize for Mathematical Physics (1980); New York Academy of Science Award in the Physical and Math Sciences (1979); National Science Foundation Fellowship 1959-1960; Guggenheim Fellowships 1963-1964, 1965-1966.


Selected Recent Publications:


1.         B. CHENG, J. GLIMM AND D. H. SHARP, “A Three-Dimensional Renormalization Group Bubble Merger Model for Rayleigh-Taylor Mixing”.  Chaos 12 (2002), 267- 274.

2.         J. GLIMM, H. JIN, M. LAFOREST, F. TANGERMAN, AND Y. ZHANG, “A Two Pressure Numerical Model of Two Fluid Mixing”, SIAM J. Multiscale Model. Sim. 1 (2003) 458-484.

3.         E. GEORGE, J. GLIMM, X.L. LI, Y. H. LI AND X. F. LIU, “The Influence of Scale-Breaking Phenomena on Turbulent Mixing Rates”, Phys. Rev. E. 73 (2006), 016304.

4.         J. GLIMM, J. GROVE, Y. KANG, T. LEE, X. LI, D. H. SHARP, Y. YU AND M. ZHAO, “Error in Numerical Solutions of Spherically Symmetric Shock Physics Problems”, Contemporary  Mathematics 371 (2005) 163-179.

5.         J. GLIMM, J. GROVE, AND Y. ZHANG, “Three Dimensional Axisymmetric Simulations of Fluid Instabilities in Curved Geometry”, J. Stat. Phys. 107 (2002) 241-260.

6.         J. GLIMM AND D. SHARP, “Prediction and the Quantification of Uncertainty”.  Physica D 133 (1999), pp 152-170.

7.         J. GLIMM, D. SALTZ, AND D. H. SHARP, “The Statistical Evolution of Chaotic Fluid Mixing”.  Phys. Rev. Lett. 80 (1998), 712-715.

8.         J. GLIMM, J. W. GROVE, X.-L. LI, K.-M. SHYUE, Q. ZHANG, AND Y. ZENG, “Three Dimensional Front Tracking”, SIAM J. Sci. Comp., 19 (1998), 703-727.

9.         H. LIM, Y. YU, J. GLIMM AND D. H. SHARP, “Nonideal Rayleigh-Taylor Mixing” Proc. Nat. Ac. Sci., (2009), Submitted for publication.

10.       J. GLIMM, J. GROVE, X. L. LI, AND D. C. TAN, “Robust Computational Algorithms for Dynamic Interface Tracking in Three Dimensions”, SIAM J. Sci. Comp., 21 (2000), 2240-2256.


Students, Advisors, Collaborators


PhD advisor:  Richard Kadison  Former Students:  Y. Chen, L. Koralov, H. J. Kim, T. Smith, J.-Y. Nam, M. Laforest, H. Jin, A.-D. Lin, C. Zoldi, A. Marchese, E. George, Y. Yu, Y.-h. Lee, T. Lee, T. Lu, M. Zhao, S. Dutta, X. Liu, J. McQuown, N. Pestieau, S. Wang, J. Du, H. Lee, D. Kim, X. Ji., W. Bo, J. Li, H. Lim, L. Xu, K.S. Kang  Recent Collaborators (other than above):  S. Abarzhi, K. Nishihara, D. Sharp, B. Cheng, J. Grove, D. Brown, L. Diachin, M. Christie, M. Wood, D. Higdon, J. Davenport, Y. Deng, X. Cai, E. Santos, B. DeVolder, Y. Kang, Y. Zhang, X. Li, N. Zhao, Z. Xu,

K.Ye, G. Martyna, R. Samulyak, W. Oh, H. Kirk, K. McDonald, M. Kim, Y. Prykarpatskyy, N. Stojic, M. Komejl, W. Zhu, Y. Ma, J. Mitchell, P. Drake, X. Wang, J. Kovach, X. Jiao, P. Zhang, T. Zhang, Y. Zheng, Y. Yu, M. McGuigan, P. parks, D.K. Keyes.