Research and Applications

I. Turbulent multiphase flow
A. Rayleigh-Taylor/Richtmyer-Meshkov instabilities B. Primary breakup of diesel fuel jet C. High speed rotating flows for separation of spend nuclear fuel rods
D. Inertial confinement fusion E. Combustion F. Cavitation and phase transitions
G. Theoretical studies

II. Material strength
A. Fluid-structure interactions B. Brittle Fracture
III. Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)
A. Target design for high energy particle accelerators B. Plasma assisted inertial confinement fusion C. Plasma disruption mitigation for ITER
IV. Data analysis
A. Quantitative finance B. Weather forecasting
V. Solar cells
VI. Numerical geometry
A. High-order surface reconstruction & meshing B. Generalized finite-difference & finite-element methods C. Efficient hybrid MG solvers
D. Thin-membrane models E. Biomedical applications
VII. Electro Cardiac Modeling
A. Fibrillation/Defibrillation