Kenny Qian Ye

Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Math and Statistics, SUNY-Stony Brook
Ph.D Statistics , The University of Michigan , 1998
M.S. Statistics, Michigan Tech University ,1994
B.S. Applied Math, Economics,Tsing Hua University,1992


My Research interests are
  • Experimental Design
  • Computer Experiment
  • Computational Algebraic Geometry Method in Statistics
  • Random Effect Models and Regression with Functional Response
  • Bioinformatics and Genetics
  • Quality Control and Improvement



    Selected Manuscripts

  • On the Structure of Orthogonal Latin Hypercubes (postscript)
  • Geometric aliasing, Generalized defining relations, and Groebner basis: A New Look at Multi-level Factorial Designs (postscript)
  • An Algorithm for Sequentially Constructing Non-Isomorphic Orthogonal Designs and its Applications (postscript)
  • Indicator Function and its Application in Two-level Factorial Designs (PDF)
  • Some Properties of Blocked and Unblocked Foldovers of $2^{k-p}$ Designs (postscript)
  • Optimal Foldover Plans for Non-regular Orthogonal Designs (postscript, tables in excel)




  • Critical values of Lenth Method, EER, IER
  • A collection of Latin Hypercube Designs



    Office: Math-Tower 1-117

    Phone: (631)632-9344 FAX:(631)632-8490