W. Brent Lindquist

Professor and Chair

Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Stony Brook University,     Stony Brook,    N.Y.    11794-3600
Rm. P138A Mathematics,     Phone: (631) 632-8361

  • 3D Image Analysis
  • Geometry of Pore Space in Rock
  • Geometry of Neurons
  • Geometry of Fibers
  • Geometry of Two Phase Media
  • Geostatistics and Conditional Simulation (PEST)
  • Front Tracking
  • Publications ( HTML)

    Curriculum Vita (PDF)

    Teaching Fall 2013
  • AMS 361 - Calculus IV: DEs
  • For Lab Members
  • 3DMA Developer's Manual
    Lab Members
  • Current and Former
  •  Circa 2003:
    left to right: Brent, Masa, Abhishek, Andrei, Sohae
    on the blackboard: Lars
    on the wall: Brent and Roy L.
    absent: Myongkeun, Firas, Hagos

    This file is:      http://www.ams.sunysb.edu/~lindquis/lindquist.html