3DMA-Rock: Operating System Requirements and Related Graphics Software

3DMA-Rock runs under Unix/Linux operating systems. We have developed it under the RedHat operating system for releases RH6.X through RH9.X, and RH Enterprise Linux Version 4. It has also been run under SGI Irix and SUN UNIX operating systems.
In addition, the latest version (3dma_rock_1205) has been compiled on Microsoft Windows using the Linux emulator software Cygwin, version 1.5.18-1 (www.cygwin.com).

3DMA-Rock produces three types of graphic plots: x-y plots displaying results from statistical analyses, 2D views of slices from the image (aligned perpendicular to the z-axis) showing the user's data set during manipulation, and 3D plots. Processing and/or display of these plots utilizes inexpensive software.