3DMA-Rock: Installation Instructions

Table of Contents

A)   Distribution contents

B)   Preliminary note

C)   Associated executables

D)   Environmental variables

E)   Compiling the "3dma" executable

F)   Testing the compilation

A) Distribution Contents
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The 3DMA_Rock distribution comes as a Unix gzip'd, tar'd file containing the following directory structure.

			bin    src    USER_AGREEMENT
For purposes of this discussion, we assumed the user installs the distribution at the absolute address "/nfs/3dma_rock".

B) Preliminary Note
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As we frequently find ourselves with several versions of the 3DMA-Rock executables present, compiled for different Unix architectures, we have adopted the convention that the names of executables involved with running the 3DMA-Rock code have an architecture identifying string appended. The string to be appended can be chosen by the user; we employ obvious choices such as "sun", "sgi", "irix", "lnx". For purposes of this discussion, we shall use the string "lnx".

The affected executables are:


C) Associated executables
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The 3DMA-Rock code consists of the main executable, "3dma_lnx", which executes command-line strings. (See further discussion in the primers: http://www.ams.sunysb.edu/~lindquis/3dma/3dma_rock/3dma_rock_03_primer/primer.html) or http://www.ams.sunysb.edu/~lindquis/3dma/3dma_rock/3dma_rock_04_primer/primer.html)

Before these executables can be run, some associated executables in "/nfs/3dma_rock/bin" must be constructed.

% cd /nfs/3dma_rock/bin
% gcc stripcomm.c -o stripcomm_lnx

% cd /nfs/3dma_rock/bin/src_jgraph
% make jgraph
% mv jgraph ..
% make clean

There are also the supporting executable shellscripts
nar     differ     runcase
in "/nfs/3dma_rock/bin" which do not have to be compiled.

D) Environmental Variables
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To compile and run the 3DMA-Rock code executables, the "path" environmental variable must list the directory "/nfs/3dma_rock/bin". The syntax for setting your path is slightly dependent on which shell you are using (shell type can be checked by typing 'echo $shell')

For tcsh or csh:

% set path=( $path /nfs/3dma_rock/bin )

For bash:

% export PATH=$PATH:/nfs/3dma_rock/bin
These commands can be typed each time you login, however it is preferable to add the command to the files .bashrc (for bash) or .cshrc (csh, tcsh) so that the path is automatically set whenever the system executes a new shell for you.

E) Compiling the "3dma" executable
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E1)   Makefile changes:

Edit the file "/nfs/3dma_rock/src/makefile" and check the macro definitions on lines 1 through 64.

The string "ARCH" must be set to the architecture identifying string chosen in section B) Prelimary Note.

		ARCH = lnx

E2)   For RedHat Linux 7.0 and below:

Significant changes were made to the Gnu C++ compiler starting with the RedHat8.0 release. The "3dma" source code has been updated to reflect these changes. If the machine on which "3dma" will be compiled is running RedHat8.0 or higher, no changes to the code are necessary.

For RedHat7.0 and below, you can still compile and run the "3dma" executable. All C++ changes occured in the "seg_krig" and "fluids" directories. For backwards compatibility, there is a "seg_krigRH6" directory and a file "fluids/fld_seg_RH6.O.C" which contain the affected source code for running "3dma" on RedHat7.X and below.

To exchange the source code so that "3dma" can be compiled on RedHat7.X or below, execute the following commands:

	%  cd /nfs/3dma_rock/src
	%  mv seg_krig seg_krigRH8
	%  mv seg_krigRH6 seg_krig
	%  cd /nfs/3dma_rock/src/fluids
	%  cp flg_seg_RH6.0.C fld_seg.C

E3)   Changes for SUN Solaris OS:

The following changes have had to be made when compiling under SUN Solaris.

Solaris may not support the round-float-to-int system call rintf().

	Edit the file src/min_surf_wdg/preperim.c, and change the line 1434
	to read

	rd = rint((double)(max_d/min_d));

	Make the same change in the file src/min_surf_wdg/wdg_throat_main.c,
	line 900.

For version 3dma_rock.0304: The host/network byte order conversion macro htonl() may require explicit inclusion of the include file

	Edit  src/arch.h. After  line 5, add

	#include < netinet/in.h >

Use of the 'f77' FORTRAN compiler may not automatically link the FORTRAN 77 system calls pow_ri and r_sign.

	Edit  src/makefile. Change line 16 to

	FC = g77

E4)   To compile the "3dma" executable:

		% cd /nfs/3dma_rock/src
		% make 3dma >& makelog &
This will install the the executable "/nfs/3dma_rock/bin/3dma_lnx".

Note the makefile uses the utility "/nfs/3dma_rock/bin/nar" which provides modifications to the UNIX "ar" command.

F) Testing the 3DMA-Rock executables
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Once you have built the "3dma_lnx" executable, the 3DMA-Rock code can be run following the instructions in the primers http://www.ams.sunysb.edu/~lindquis/3dma/3dma_rock/3dma_rock_03_primer/primer.html.
or http://www.ams.sunysb.edu/~lindquis/3dma/3dma_rock/3dma_rock_04_primer/primer.html.
This html file also explains how to perform an initial test by downloading data into a Test directory.