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About me My name is Petr Konečný (with correct fonts Petr Kone\v{c}n\'{y}). I was born in beautiful ancient city of Brno Czech Republic, Europe in 1975. I spent my childhood there, attended grammar school, high school and university there. I even made my first homepage there.

Then, after 23 years, it suddenly changed. I moved to Stony Brook, New York, USA. I am PhD student of Computer Science Department of SUNY at Stony Brook.

I am a member of SBOC (Stony Brook Outdoors Club) and try to go out as much as possible. You can see pictures of some of the places where I have been.

Sofware XEmacs for most of my computer related work.
Netscape Navigator, Lynx and Emacs/W3 for browsing the Internet
Open source operating system Debian running on Linux (and Hurd).
Window Maker my favorite X11 window manager
Solaris and Java from Sun Microsystems

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