[IMAGE of] Joseph S.B. Mitchell, SUNY Distinguished Professor

How to Reach Me

Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Math Tower, Room P-138A (enter P-139A)
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3600, USA
e-mail: joseph.mitchell "at" stonybrook.edu
phone (631) 632-8366 (office)
fax (631) 632-8490

Research Interests

New Journal!

TheoretiCS<\A> is a new diamond-open-access top-tier journal for all of theoretical computer science, including algorithms, computational geometry, and all other areas. Please consider submitting your very strong papers! (Launching Dec 1, 2021)

Upcoming/Recent Events:

CG Week and SoCG'21 is scheduled to be held in Buffalo, NY, June 7-11, 2021. (Local organizer Jinhui Xu.) The
Third Computational Geometry Challenge<\A>, will be part of it, featuring this year a problem on coordinated motion planning. Contest closes Feb 15, 2021.

36th International Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG 2020), part of CG Week 2020, was to take place in Z\"urich, Switzerland June 22-26, 2020; due to pandemic, it was a virtual conference, via Zoom.

The 35th International Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG 2019) took place in Portland, OR, June 18-21, 2019. SoCG 2020 and SoCG 2021 took place online, virtually.
The 29th Fall Workshop on Computational Geometry (FWCG'21) will be held virtually 15-16 October, 2021, "at" Montana State University. Submissions due Sept 30, 2021.
The 28th Annual Fall Workshop on Computational Geometry (FWCG'18) took place at Queens College, hosted by Mayank Goswami, (Fri-Sat) Oct 26-27, 2018.
See our Resources for Teaching Computational Geometry and Topology, an outgrowth of the Workshop Dave Millman and I organized at CG Week 2018, in Budapest.

If you would like to host an FWCG workshop, please contact me; we welcome proposals for locations in future years!

Selected Papers.
More up-to-date list is via my Google Scholar page and my DBLP entry

I am on the editorial boards of the four computational geometry journals:

Discrete and Computational Geometry (DCG)
International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications (IJCGA)
Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications (CGTA)
Journal of Computational Geometry (JoCG)

Course Information for Students

In Spring 2021, I am teaching AMS 545/CSE 555 Computational Geometry online. All course materials are posted on Blackboard, along with Zoom links for class meetings, etc. Office Hours (Spring 2021): Mon (2:30-4:00), Zoom link on Blackboard. Or by appointment (email me to get a Zoom link).